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This Day in LSB History -- One Year Ago Today, Ron Washington resigned

Ron Washington stepped down as Rangers manager one year ago today

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

One year ago today, Ron Washington resigned as the manager of the Texas Rangers.

In the midst of a bad, unpleasant, tumultuous 2014 campaign, this was probably the low point.  Ron Washington, the man who led the Rangers to a pair of World Series appearances, the manager since the start of the 2007 season, was stepping down under mysterious circumstances -- circumstances that still remain murky, with Wash responding to rumors that he was accused of sexual improprieties with a report by holding a press conference some time later where he said he resigned because he had been unfaithful to his wife, but not expanding beyond that.

The day of his resignation, of course, there was no Washington available to the media -- just Jon Daniels, Bob Simpson and Ray Davis.

The Wash resignation led to bench coach Tim Bogar taking over, leading the team to a strong finish, and being considered the favorite to land the permanent job, only to be passed over in favor of Pirates bench coach Jeff Banister.  Banister has been at the helm this year as the Rangers have overcome injuries and adversity to be in a playoff race in September, and while I'm on board with Banister as manager, I'm still sad that Wash is gone, and am curious as to how he would have handled this year's team.

Ron Washington is now the third base coach for the Oakland A's, and everyone appears to have moved on.