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Thursday Morning Links

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Gerry Fraley hits keep on coming... Number two with a bullet, Lewis Brinson, and number three, Dillon Tate.

The front office, feeling that baseball games are horribly lacking in breaks for tea and lunch, are monitoring the workout of cricket player Kieran Powell.

Fraley's notes column has the electrifying news that Clint Hurdle is coming to town to present some sort of award to Banister and Pedro Ciraco has been signed as a utility candidate.

Gil Kim, the team's international scouting director, has jumped ship.

Whoever negotiated Tom Wilhelmsen's arbitration case needs to come negotiate my next raise.

Wilhelmsen says that Tolleson did a great job as closer and he is more than willing to pitch in any role the team asks... though I would point out that Wilhelmsen's statement was positively littered with "air quotes" and you know who else said that?  Rich Harden.