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Buster Olney ranks Texas among top five in MLB

Buster Olney lists his top 10 teams in MLB, and the Rangers crack the top five

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Buster Olney has been ranking individual team components over the past week or two, and today, rolls out his list of the top 10 teams in MLB.  To my surprise, the Rangers are currently ranked #5 on his list, behind only the Cubs, the Royals, the BoSox and the Giants.

Olney points to the Rangers having an 80-58 record after their disastrous start to the 2015 season, as well as the improved bullpen, when talking about the team.  Giving some thought to it, what sticks out to me is that the Rangers don't seem to have any glaring holes.  Yes, there's the issue of Josh Hamilton in left field, and whether he can be healthy and productive, but even if Hamilton doesn't work out, you have Joey Gallo and Nomar Mazara knocking on the door...either of them could fill in and be respectable if need be.

Meanwhile, the rotation, once Yu returns, looks solid top to bottom, with Yu/Hamels/Perez/Holland/Colby as your 1 through 5, and Chi Chi Gonzalez, Nick Martinez, A.J. Griffin, and Anthony Ranaudo giving you depth in AAA.  Bullpens are never predictable, but the pieces appear to be there for the pen to be a strength.  This is a pretty solid team, overall, top to bottom.

So maybe Olney is right...maybe all this carping about ownership not spending money and the inactive offseason have us overlooking the fact that the Rangers have a pretty decent team in place right now.