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Yu Darvish Gambling Investigation: MLB is investigating Darvish (but don't panic!)

MLB is doing an investigation of Yu Darvish, after his brother was arrested last October in Japan in connection with a gambling ring

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Yu Darvish Gambling Investigation:  MLB is investigating Texas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish in the aftermath of Darvish's brother Sho Darvish, being arrested in Japan last October on charges of gambling and operating a betting ring.

This is one of these stories that you're almost certain is a non-story, where MLB is just checking to make sure Darvish wasn't involved, didn't have any knowledge, etc.  Its like when a big time star gets put on revocable waivers in August, and everyone freaks out about it.  Its a perfunctory thing, where they are confirming Darvish didn't have any involvement and then moving on.

At least, that's what the assumption is.  The Japan Times broke the story today, and the general reaction is that it is no big deal.  I thought about ignoring the story altogether, but enough outlets are mentioning it that I figured I had to say something.  But we can probably shrug and move on...