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Jon Heyman is no longer with CBS Sports

Longtime national baseball reporter Jon Heyman is no longer writing for CBS Sports

Elsa/Getty Images

Jon Heyman, the longtime national baseball reporter known for being one of the main "newsbreakers" in MLB, is no longer writing for CBS Sports, per reports.

Heyman will continue to do work for the MLB Network, but in the meantime, there's no word as to where his written work will be appearing.

As the Awful Announcing story linked above notes, CBS Sports has lost a couple of other significant national baseball writers lately, and this latest departure just seems to highlight how difficult it is to survive economically doing journalism online.  No one wants to pay for premium content, but at the same time, online ad revenues generally aren't sufficient to cover the costs associated with putting out quality journalism.

Heyman wrote for Sports Illustrated prior to moving to CBS Sports, and we'll have to see if he goes back to SI, or works out a deal with another outlet in the near future.