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Baseball America top 10 Texas Rangers prospects

Baseball America has their list of the top 10 Texas Rangers prospects out, with Joey Gallo at #1

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Baseball America has released their list of the top 10 prospects in the Texas Rangers' system, and as expected, Joey Gallo is at the top of their list.

The full top ten:

1 -- Joey Gallo

2 -- Lewis Brinson

3 -- Nomar Mazara

4 -- Luis Ortiz

5 -- Dillon Tate

6 -- Eric Jenkins

7 -- Josh Morgan

8 -- Andy Ibanez

9 -- Leodys Taveras

10 -- Mike Matuella

The first five are pretty much chalk picks, with the only question how you order the three hitters, and then whether you have Ortiz above Tate, or vice versa.  We had Matuella and Jenkins in our Community Prospect Rankings top 10 (if you exclude Chi Chi, who wasn't eligible for the BA list), with Ibanez the equivalent of #12, Morgan #13, and Taveras #20.  Jairo Beras, Luke Jackson and Yohander Mendez are the guys who made the LSB top 10 but not the BA list.