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Five Rangers on MLB Pipeline top 100 list

MLB Pipeline's top 100 list includes 5 Rangers prospects

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

MLB Pipeline released their top 100 prospect list today, and the Rangers placed five players on the list.

Joey Gallo was the top ranked Ranger, at #9, followed by Lewis Brinson at #16 and Nomar Mazara at #18.  2015 first rounder Dillon Tate checked in at #36, and 2014 first rounder Luis Ortiz was #73.

I expect this will be what we'll see from most top 100 lists this offseason...Gallo, Brinson and Mazara in the top 20-25, then Tate and maybe Ortiz elsewhere in the top 100.  I don't think there's any other Rangers prospects who would get serious consideration for the top 100, but other than, maybe, Ortiz, I don't think there's a top 100 list that won't have this group in there.