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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The latest news and notes on the AL West Champion Texas Rangers

Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Good morning. The 2015 Dallas Cowboys feel eerily similar to the 2014 Texas Rangers. A ton of key injuries derailed the team early and they just slipped into soul crushing awfulness as the season wore on. In the end, they end up with the #4 pick in the draft in a year where the top of the draft is considered fairly weak.

I'm far, far less of a Cowboys fan than I used to be but I wouldn't wish a season like that on anyone (except the Angels...or Cardinals).

On Sports on Earth, Yu Darvish is listed among Anthony Castrovince's sixteen people to watch in 2016.

J.J. Cooper of Baseball America ranks newly acquired Patrick Kivlehan as the 18th best prospect traded this offseason with Kivlehan ranking as the 5th best outfielder on the list.'s Paul Casella looks at the all 2016 team by fWAR projections with Prince Fielder making the second team at DH.

Jamal Collier writes that Ranger of legend Cliff Lee would consider pitching in 2016 but only if he finds the "perfect fit." Hate to put Cliff Lee in such dubious company, but the quotes from his agent in the article gave me 2013 Lance Berkman vibes.

The Texas Rangers won the AL West in 2015 in a fantastic, surprising season. It was a lot of fun. Yahoo's Big League Stew Blog has a list of the top ten games from the 2015 season and in it, two games that the Rangers played make the list. Those two games also happen to probably be in the top five or so least fun games in franchise history. That's so Rangers.

Finally, in lieu of anything else related to the Texas Rangers, I watched the 1990s sitcom Dinosaurs in one sitting on New Year's Day while live tweeting my commentary. Here's a storify I made about my it.

Have a nice day.