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Griffey, Piazza elected to Hall of Fame

Ken Griffey, Jr., and Mike Piazza have been voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The BBWAA has spoken, and it has said that Ken Griffey, Jr., and Mike Piazza are the 2016 inductees in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Griffey set a new record for highest percentage of votes, at 99.3%, while Piazza was named on 83% of ballots.  Jeff Bagwell fell just short, at 71.6%, while Tim Raines and Trevor Hoffman were both in the upper-60s, which would seem to bode well for the chances of all three being inducted next year.

The full results can be seen here.  Alan Trammell fell short once again on his final year on the ballot, a disappointing result, given that Trammell deserves induction.  Among players on the ballot for the first time, only Griffey, Hoffman and Billy Wagner received enough support to not drop off.  Griffey, obviously, won't be on the ballot next year, since he was elected this year, but Hoffman and Wagner will be on there along with next year's new candidates and the various other holdovers.