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Texas Rangers rumors: Marcell Ozuna a Ranger target?

The Rangers have reportedly had talks with the Miami Marlins about outfielder Marcell Ozuna

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers rumors:  Marcell Ozuna has been the topic of trade talks between the Rangers and the Miami Marlins, according to Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald.

So, hey, an actual trade rumor involving the Rangers!  That's kind of neat.  I have a hard time seeing this being a real good fit, but at least it is a discussion point.

Ozuna, 25, had a breakout sophomore campaign in 2014 for the Marlins, putting up a .269/.317/.455 line in 612 plate appearances while playing quality defense in center field.  However, 2015 went poorly, with his slash line dropping to .259/.308/.383 while also, per reports, alienating the front office.  Much scuttlebutt this offseason has been about Miami owner Jeff Loria wanting Ozuna gone.

Ozuna would be a nice short-term fit for the Rangers, allowing them to slide Delino DeShields into left field...still, with Lewis Brinson, Nomar Mazara and Joey Gallo all close, I'm not sure that paying the price to land Ozuna would make a ton of long-term sense.  Spencer says that the Marlins have talked about a package involving Chi Chi Gonzalez going to Miami, which is even more puzzling, since the Rangers would be trading from an area where they lack depth -- young, cheap starting pitching -- in order to add another outfielder to their mix.

My gut reaction is that the Rangers have probably had discussions and done some due diligence, but aren't necessarily serious players for Ozuna.  Jeff Passan describes the market for Ozuna as "moving fast," with multiple teams talking to the Marlins, and a Miami writer like Spencer having the info would lead a cynic to say that the Marlins are putting the Rangers interest out there in order to get other teams to move.

But hey, I've been wrong before...