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95-66 - Colby Lewis allows zero (earned) runs! Rangers lose 4-1

Rangers miss chance for best record in franchise history with tonight's loss

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

As far as tuneups go, I'll take seven innings and 100+ pitches from Colby Lewis. Colby had a tough 3rd inning where he allowed all four runs to the Rays but all four of those runs were unearned after a Rougie Odor error.

Still, after that error, Colby allowed a walk and a homer to Corey Dickerson. Usually Colby limits his one customary HR allowed to a solo shot but Dickerson took him deep for a three-run dinger that altered the game.

As for the offense? The majority of the regulars got the night off and those that played only stuck around for a couple of at-bats. Everyone is mainly trying to stay fresh and not get themselves hurt so, in that regard, mission accomplished.

If the only thing you can be bummed about after Game 161 is that your team won't break the franchise record for wins with their 97th trip to the win column, you know things are going well.

Player of the Game: Robinson Chirinos got the chance to start behind the dish and was robbed in CF by dreamboat Kevin Kiermaier but got his revenge with a solo dong over Kiermaier in the 6th for the Rangers' lone run.

Up Next: The dang 2016 regular season concludes with the Rangers kicking back and letting the chaos unfold from their thrones atop the American League. Get your Busby, TAG, and Jim Knox fix in one last time beginning at 2:05 pm CT.