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Wednesday Morning Links


Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

You want to know why everybody loves Mike Napoli?  Because he's a winner.

Annnndddd... there's not a whole lot else out there.  So you get some filler.

Proving that nothing motivates little boys into a career in science like putting Carrie Fisher in a slave bikini, researchers have turned 3D holographic displays into reality.

So, you're great^10 grandmother slept with a Neanderthal, and had a half Neanderthal kid.  And the Neanderthal also gave her genital warts.

Yeah, that sounds like a great idea... injecting yourself with a 3.5 million year old bacteria you found in Siberia.  This doesn't sound like the intro to a horror movie at all!

Team Dog and Team Human have been kicking butt for 15,000 years.

Apparently, the subjective response to mild traumatic brain injury symptoms varies in men and women because if you're talking to a man you say "I think Kenny Rogers is going to pitch a good game tonight" and if you're talking to a woman you say "I FEEL Kenny Rogers is going to pitch a good game tonight."