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Joe West is crew chief for Rangers/Wild Card ALDS

Joe West, one of the least popular umpires in MLB, will be the crew chief for the Rangers’ ALDS

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Texas Rangers Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The umpires have been announced for the American League Division Series between the Texas Rangers and the Wild Card Game winner, and unfortunately, Joe West will be the crew chief.

West, widely criticized for his tendency to showboat and insert himself into controversies, will be heading up the group of umpires handling the Rangers’ ALDS series. Also on the crew will be Lance Barksdale, Cory Blaser, Chad Fairchild, Sam Holbrook and Hunter Wendlestedt. Playoff crews have six umpires, rather than four umpires, in order to have an umpire on each outfield foul line.

The series kicks off on Thursday at 3:30 against either the Toronto Blue Jays or the Baltimore Orioles -- whichever wins tomorrow’s Wild Card Game.