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Poll: Re-sign Ian Desmond for 4/$64M?

Jon Heyman predicts it will take 4 years, $64 million to sign Ian Desmond this offseason. Should the Rangers give him that deal?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

One of the big questions the Rangers have to resolve this offseason is their outfield, and as part of that, they have to figure out if they can bring Ian Desmond back.

Jon Heyman's early projections in September put the price on signing Desmond at 4 years, $64 million in free agency -- less than the 5 years, $75-80 million I've been saying, although his awful second half probably has teams concerned that he's going to be more like 2015/second-half 2016 Desmond than first-half 2016 Desmond, which pushes the price down.

Desmond gives you versatility, as he is okay in center field defensively, looks like a good defender in the corner spots, and of course, was a shortstop before 2016, so theoretically, you could look to use him as a super-utility guy who also fills in in some of the infield spots.

So I ask you, the LSB faithful...if the cost to bring back Desmond is 4 years, $64 million, do you sign him, or pass?