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Thursday Morning Links


Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Bautista says he's not looking to settle the score with Odor this series... the best revenge is playing well.  Which, of course, is something wussies say.

Scouts tell us Matt Bush and Carlos Beltran are important to the Rangers this offseason.  Thanks, scouts!

Adrian Beltre and Carlos Beltran are the best players to never have won a World Series, so cosmic justice dictates a series win.

Apparently, we're the only people that watch Rangers baseball.

Brad Townsend serves up a counterpoint to the cosmic justice argument... are the Rangers cursed?

When are we going to get some pitching up in here?

MLB scouts weigh in on what the Rangers can't do in the ALDS, like give up a bunch of long balls because that's how you lose games or rage punch the Jays into submission because that's Rougie's job.

Evan Grant and Gerry Fraley wonder what Choo's role should be, which seems like a silly question.  His role is to greet newcomers to the disabled list.

According to Jose Bautista one run walkoffs are not "pressure games."

Salty playoff tested Cole Hamels will be serving up some salty playoff tested goodness in game one.

Creating runs and situational hitting are the key to Rangers victory.

Choo is likely to be on the playoff roster.

And here's a position-by-position breakdown of the ALDS matchup.