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Rangers outhit Blue Jays 13-6! Blue Jays outscore Rangers 5-3 :(

Texas drops Game 2 of the ALDS 5-3 to trail Toronto 2-0 in the ALDS

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

If hits counted as the determining factor in winning baseball games, the Rangers won 13-6. Instead, the jerks who invented this dumb sport decided runs would decide the outcome and the Blue Jays had five of those to the Rangers' three.

Yu Darvish allowed four home runs. He'd never done that in his life, probably.

The Rangers hit like 847 singles with two outs to fill up the bases like every inning and scored once because they collected nine of those one-base hits before their first extra base hit. A double. In the 7th inning.

Texas is now 1-11 in ALDS games at home.

My birthday is on Monday. I thought for sure the Rangers would be playing during it. Now I just hope that if they do their season doesn't end on my birthday and they come back to Arlington and make it 2-11 in ALDS home games.

Player of the Game: Even though Ian Desmond had a blunder at third base that kept the Rangers from scoring their second run, he also went 3-for-5 and collected two of the three RBIs and hit one of just three XBHs for the Rangers on the day.

Up Next: We have a day off to stew while the Rangers travel to Toronto for Game 3 on Sunday. Colby Lewis will pitch for Texas against RHP Aaron Sanchez of Toronto. The Rangers will try to reverse sweep the Blue Jays like they did to the Rangers last year and it all starts with first pitch at 6:38 pm CT.