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Rangers battle but fall in 7-6 season-ending loss

It's over...

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

The Rangers lost the game tonight and therefore they've lost the ALDS and their season is over. There's no reason to rehash the hows and whys. We have all offseason to do that.

What I want to write here in this space is just how much fun I had watching the Rangers this year. These last three games didn't go anywhere close to how we wanted them to go, but that doesn't taint the months and months of joy that I enjoyed this summer.

This one will hurt because this team gave up a lot and put in a lot of work to position themselves for October and to go out without so much as a single victory feels like a major disappointment. It's okay to be disappointed, but these Rangers were an immense return on our emotional investment all year long and I'll remember them fondly.

I suppose, in the end, the thing I'm most upset about isn't that the Rangers aren't going to win the World Series, though that is upsetting, the thing that really hurts is the fact that I won't get to see this wonderful team play another game.

Thanks, 2016 Rangers.

Player of the Game: Rougned Odor's monster two-run shot in the fourth inning with the Rangers down 5-2 not only quieted the boo birds in Toronto but put the Rangers firmly back in the game after it looked like the Jays were on their way to another blowout victory. It wasn't to be tonight, but it was fun seeing Rougie round the bases at the Rogers Centre.

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