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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The latest news and notes on the back-to-back American League West Champion Texas Rangers

Jerry Markland/Getty Images

Good morning. Players extended a qualifying offer have until the end of business today to accept or decline so we'll know which players will cost a draft pick to sign and which players will blow up a team's budget by the evening. That should get things moving along.

WFAA's Jason Whitely writes that the Rangers are already looking for ways to get their newly financed stadium ready for the 2020 season rather than 2021. 2020 seems like tomorrow until you realize it's the entire Trump Presidency.

ESPN's Tristan H. Cockcroft thinks Yoenis Cespedes would be a perfect match for the Rangers (when considering fantasy baseball).

The DMN details Derek Holland on with Ben and Skin where he said he'll give the Rangers a chance to match the offers he receives this winter.

It's time for annual baseball awards this week which means election complaints will pale in comparison to the outrage of Trout getting snubbed again. Cliff Corcoran previews the awards but doesn't think Jeff Banister will win Manager of the Year again this year because managers just don't ever win that award back-to-back.

Finally, as our friend Kazuto Yamazaki noted, future Ranger legend Shohei Otani hit a baseball to the Tokyo Dome roof because hitting baseballs hard is what he does in his spare time when he's not out there being really good at pitching.

Have a nice day.