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Texas Rangers rumors: Ian Desmond at 4 years, $62 million?

Jim Bowden projects Ian Desmond will get 4 years, $62 million in the free agent market. Should the Rangers sign him at that amount?

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Texas Rangers rumors: Ian Desmond declined the qualifying offer made to him by the Texas Rangers, thus making him a free agent, and requiring a team that signs him to forfeit a first round draft pick (except for the Rangers, should they re-sign him).

The Rangers have interest in Desmond, whose makeup and athleticism the organization loved, despite his second half slump in 2016. The Rangers realistically are looking for both a center fielder and a corner outfielder or DH in the free agent market, and Desmond would give them someone who could handle any of the outfield spots.

Jim Bowden offered his projected contracts for the top 50 free agents, and he has Desmond getting 4 years, $62 million. I said 5 years, $80 million would be the likely cost for much of last year, and this has about the same AAV with one less year.

So the question for Rangers fans...would you want the Rangers to re-up Desmond at 4 years, $62 million?

Cast your vote below...