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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The latest news and notes on the back-to-back American League West Champion Texas Rangers

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. So...who're you votin' for?

Evan Grant writes about the Rangers dumping Derek Holland.

Levi Weaver's Texas Occasionally Daily covers the latest tidbits from the offseason so far.

T.R. Sullivan writes about the Rangers tending Ian Desmond a qualifying offer.

Grant has more on Desmond's QO and the news that no, the Rangers didn't extend the same offer of $17.2 million to Mitch Moreland.

Sullivan offers something of a free agency primer with a look at who is likely departing and who the Rangers could be interested in to replace them.

Jerry Crasnick surveys baseball execs about the Hot Stove with a couple of folk believing the Rangers will trade for Chris Sale this winter.

Sullivan writes that in addition to learning if we'll have our first woman or mutated yam President, we'll learn if the Rangers will get a fancy new stadium in Arlington to call home by the end of today

Stefan Stevenson writes that the offseason for the Rangers begins in earnest as the front office is in Arizona for the GM meetings.

Sullivan notes that Jeff Banister was officially named a finalist (along with Terry Francona and Buck Showalter) for the American League Manager of the Year Award.

Stevenson writes about Jim Knox announcing he wasn't invited back to the telecast for the 2017 season despite 15 long years of toiling away at the toughest job in sports, you know, the one where he had to be among the unwashed Arlington masses in 110 degree heat every day while displaying boundless enthusiasm. I'll follow you anywhere, Knoxie!

Finally, on the DMN Ballsy Podcast, the gang tries to cook up what a Profar for pitching trade would look like.

Have a tolerable election day.