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Minor league free agents for 2016-17

Baseball America has released a comprehensive list of the minor league free agents now on the market

Toronto Blue Jays v Texas Rangers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Minor league free agents: Baseball America has released a complete list of all the players who are minor league free agents now, which you can peruse at your leisure here.

Notable players in the Rangers system hitting the market include Kellin Deglan, a Rangers first round pick from the team’s ill-fated 2010 draft; righthanded pitcher David Perez, a one-time intriguing prospect whose stuff never came back after Tommy John surgery; lefthanded pitcher Victor Payano, whose stuff has always been impressive, but whose command is poor and whose makeup has been criticized; and lefthanded pitcher Jimmy Reyes, who has put up some nice numbers in a relief role while with the Rangers.

Perusing those lists can be something of a trip down memory lane — hey, look, Marcus Lemon, Kam Loe and Jason Bourgeois were all in the ChiSox system! Ben Rowen was with the Brewers’ organization! Wilmer Font, the Jays! — and can also provide fodder for spitballing on possible targets for minor league depth or guys to take flyers on.