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Angels acquire Danny Espinosa from Nationals

Disgruntled infielder Danny Espinosa has been punished for his malcontentedness by being shipped to Anaheim

Cincinnati Reds v Washington Nationals Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Danny Espinosa expressed unhappiness over the Washington Nationals trading for outfielder Adam Eaton, as it signaled that Trea Turner would most likely move from center field to shortstop, making Espinosa a bench player.

Well, that’s not a problem anymore, as Espinosa has been dealt to the Anaheim Angels in exchange for pitchers Kyle McGowin and Austin Adams.

You know, I kind of forget sometimes that the Angels are even in the A.L. West anymore. Yeah, they have Mike Trout, but otherwise, they are pretty forgettable right now, and haven’t really done much this offseason.

So it kind of feels like this is punishment for mouthing’re unhappy? Fine, we’ll ship you from a World Series contender to the second most popular team in Los Angeles where they’re expected to finish fourth in the division.

Adams is a reliever entering his age 26 season who hasn’t pitched above AA, and McGowin is a 25 year old starter who put up a 6.11 ERA in the PCL in 2016. Both would appear to be categorized as fringe prospects.