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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The latest news and notes on the back-to-back American League West Champion Texas Rangers

New York Yankees v Texas Rangers
Vote Pudge!

Good morning. Day one of the Winter Meetings is in the books. Now we wait to see which front offices made for strange bedfellows to do a walk of shame to the podium to announce a trade this morning.

Evan Grant writes that Jon Daniels walks a perilous path between vying for a World Series with a core of stars in the short term while making sure the Rangers still have a future.

Jeff Wilson writes about how the Rangers under JD historically flirt with everyone at the Winter Meetings for a couple of days and then leave the resort giving folks blue balls.

T.R. Sullivan acknowledges that the Rangers aren’t looking to make a big FA splash and aren’t likely to dump a whole bunch of assets into a single big trade. Instead, get this, the Rangers are looking to be patient and creative.

With the teams most likely to be interested in Edwin Encarnacion signing other 1B/DH types, could the parrot land in Arlington? Wilson gives five reasons it’s still unlikely to see Encarnacion sign with Texas.

With center field a top priority, the DMN looks at rumors that the Rangers are interested in Reds speedster Billy Hamilton.

We’ve seen first hand what Hamilton can do with the glove:

Sullivan notes that Adrian Beltre has decided to play for the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic this coming spring.

Grant tries to sleuth out whether or not it looks like Pudge Rodriguez will be elected to the Hall of Fame in a month or so and so far, so good.

Speaking of Pudge, as Stefan Stevenson notes, you can bid to win a day golfing with the future Hall of Fame catching legend.

Finally: Soon...

Have a nice day!