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Texas Rangers rumors: Dexter Fowler on the radar

David Kaplan out of Chicago says the Rangers are "in play" for free agent outfielder Dexter Fowler

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers rumors:  Dexter Fowler, the free agent outfielder who spent 2015 with the Cubs, is still on the market, and David Kaplan out of Chicago tweets that the Rangers are "in play" for Fowler.

This is interesting...we have previously discussed Austin Jackson being a possible Rangers target, due to his being able to handle center field and step into the starting lineup if Josh Hamilton were to go down.  Fowler is a true centerfielder -- he played one inning in right field as a rookie in 2008, and otherwise, has played exclusively CF.  Fowler put up a .250/.346/.411 slash line for the Cubs in 2015, and has a career .267/.363/.418 slash line, although it should be noted that he played in Colorado from 2008-13, which boosts his raw numbers.

The switch-hitting Fowler would seem to be an odd fit for the Rangers -- he would cost the team their first round draft choice, and would likely cost more than they would want to spend.  There's also the issue of positional fit -- the advanced metrics have never been a big fan of his defense, but I wouldn't think Fowler would sign with Texas in order to move to left field.

This would seem to be a "monitoring the market" thing, with the possibility that this is being leaked by Fowler's agent to try to increase the pressure on other teams pursuing him, or possibly the Rangers putting this out there in the hopes that someone else they are looking at as an outfielder will decide to acquiesce to the team's demands.  So for now, I'd stash this in the "unlikely" pile.