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Wednesday Morning Links

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Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the links are late this morning because I was doing some original reporting on the Rangers signing Trump's hairpiece as a righthanded COF and not because I overslept and then forgot about the links entirely until just a few minutes ago.

Yu Darvish hasn't just rehabbed a ligament, he's rehabbed the love of baseball in his soul.  Well, it's Yu Darvish, so it's not a soul so much as the transistors and vacuum tubes that contain his core pitching and humanity simulation protocols.

The Rangers have signed Mitch Moreland to a one year deal and avoided arbitration, recognizing that "nonthreatening white guy" is a position where they lack depth.

Like many people who are off work for injury, Yu Darvish has rediscovered a tolerance... maybe even a love... for his job.

Whenever we discuss avoiding arbitration, we are contractually obligated by Texas Rangers Baseball, Inc. to mention that the last time the Rangers went to arbitration with a player was former nonthreatening white guy Lee Stevens.

Yu Darvish could throw this baseball over that mountain over there right now.

Finally, apparently stubborn kids are more likely to be successful, according to a recent study.