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Kind-of sort-of former Ranger Edgar Olmos DFA'd

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On a slow news day, we note that pitcher Edgar Olmos, who was sort of a Ranger, has been designated for assignment

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Edgar Olmos -- you remember him, right?  Lefthanded pitcher, who was kind of a Ranger, but not really?

Olmos was designated for assignment today by the Cubs -- this is the second time this offseason the Cubs have DFA'd him.  You might recall that the Rangers claimed him from Seattle early in 2015, but if you check out his B-R page, you won't see any mention of the Rangers.  That's because the Rangers had the waiver claim rescinded due to a shoulder problem, and he was sent back to Seattle.

That last link includes this tidbit I wrote in March:

The Rangers' 40 man roster is now down to 39 players, and there are just three lefthanded relievers -- Michael Kirkman, Martire Garcia, and Alex Claudio -- in the team's major league camp.

Yeah, that helps explain why the Rangers claimed Olmos in the first place.

Anyway, Olmos was claimed by the Cubs from the Mariners on December 4, 2015, then claimed by the Orioles from the Cubs on December 10, then claimed by the Cubs from the Orioles on December 23.  Hopefully, the Orioles will re-claim Olmos from Chicago, and he can be this year's Adam Rosales.