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Saturday a.m. Rangers things

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Saturday morning Rangers news and links

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Good morning, everyone...

Jeff Wilson writes that the Royals, who share the Surprise spring training complex with the Rangers, have provided a blueprint for the Rangers to follow.

T.R. Sullivan identifies prospects who have a chance to turn heads and make an impact this spring.

One of those prospects is Nomar Mazara, who Evan Grant identifies as someone who may have a chance to be in the majors if (when) Josh Hamilton goes down.

Evan also continues his offseason theme of criticizing what he perceives to be the Rangers' lack of pitching depth.

Greg Tepper tears himself away from studying high school football depth charts to write about the Rangers bullpen.

Rick Gosselin is impressed with what Rougned Odor has done at a young age.

The DMN has 10 things you might not know about Rougned Odor.

Evan Grant runs down the Rangers spring training roster.

Stefan Stevenson has 10 tips for you if you are planning a trip to spring training.

Robinson Chirinos has a foundation which helps the disadvantaged.

T.R. Sullivan writes about the players who inspired Homer Bush.