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Texas Rangers predictions: USA Today projects Wild Card berth

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The USA Today pre-season projections have the Rangers finishing second in the A.L. West, and claiming a place in the Wild Card game

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers predictions:  USA Today has come out today with what they call their "semi-scientific stab" at the final standings for all six MLB divisions, and they have the Texas Rangers finishing at 85-77.  While that slots them behind the projected first-place Astros (who are at 90-72), it is good enough to get a spot in the Wild Card game, playing at Toronto (who is projected with 86 wins).

The most eye-opening projection in the A.L. from USA Today is the ChiSox, who they have winning the A.L. Central and being tied with the Astros with the most wins in the A.L., with 90.  The projections reflect the belief that this season won't see much in the way of great or really bad teams in the Junior Circuit -- Oakland, at 66-96, is the only A.L. team they have finishing with more than 85 losses.

Meanwhile, in the N.L., three teams are projected with at least 100 losses, and another two teams have at least 95, while the Cubs are projected at 101 wins and the Cardinals at 97.

So, thoughts on 85 wins for the Rangers?  Reasonable prediction?  Too high?  Too low?  Whaddya think?