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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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The latest news and notes on the AL West Champion Texas Rangers

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

We begin today with the greatest of all topics: Adrian Beltre. Sports on Earth's Andrew Simon writes in appreciation of the ageless future Hall of Famer.

T.R. Sullivan tackles the relative few position battles facing Texas this spring.

Besides a healthy return by Yu DarvishTim Cowlishaw provides five items that will determine whether or not 2016 will be a successful season for the Rangers.'s Phil Rogers lists the Rangers 8th among the 10 teams to make the playoffs last season in terms of ability to reach the playoffs again in 2016.

The DMN crew of Evan Grant, Barry Horn and Kevin Sherrington have a lengthy interview with Jeff Banister on their Ballsy Podcast that is worth a listen. You can read excerpts here.

Anthony Castrovince grades the Rangers as "conservatively" having the tenth best offense in baseball heading into the season.

Unlike the Major League projections, Fangraphs' minor league farm system rankings like the Rangers.

If you can replicate what Ryan Strausborger did one time with the Rangers last season, you will get your Rangers season tickets for free.

Finally, Levi Weaver and our pal Or Moyal are holding a greatest DFW athlete of all time vote with the Rangers bracket up for voting. Go make several Sophie's choices between all of your childhood favorites.

Have a nice day.