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Keith Law Texas Rangers top 10 prospect list

Keith Law has released his list of the top 10 prospects in the Texas Rangers system

Sarah Crabill/Getty Images

The Keith Law Texas Rangers top 10 prospect list is out, and while we all know who the top five prospects are, there are some surprises in the second half of the list.

Jairo Beras, the controversial bonus baby who has struggled translating his offensive tools into actual production (at least, until the second half of last season), checks in at #6 on the list, with Ariel Jurado right behind him.  Josh Morgan, Mike Matuella and Luke Jackson round out the top 10, and Law is particularly bullish on Morgan if he can successfully convert to catching.

A good write-up you can read in full if you have ESPN Insider, and if you don't have ESPN Insider, well, why not?  Its cheap and worth getting if only for Law's stuff.