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Texas Rangers rumors: Adrian Beltre contract extension coming soon?

Scott Boras acknowledges a contract extension for Adrian Beltre could be happening this spring

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers rumors:  Adrian Beltre is in the final year of a 6 year, $96 million contract that he signed prior to the 2011 season, and while this is his last year under contract, Scott Boras says (via Jon Morosi) that Beltre and the Rangers have talked and expressed a mutual desire for Beltre to be with the club past the 2016 season.  Morosi writes:

When asked whether a deal is possible before Opening Day, Boras replied, "I'd say there are certainly grounds for a discussion of advancing Adrian's contract, yes."

When Beltre signed with Texas, he had a reputation as an injury-prone player who many among fans and media claimed only performed in contract seasons.  Neither knock was fair, and since coming to Texas, Beltre has solidified himself as a future Hall of Famer who will go down as one of the best glovemen at third base in major league history.  He has also received praise for his leadership and clubhouse presence, and with a new wave of position players coming up in the next year or two, I have no doubt the Rangers want Beltre around as an example to them.

The question is going to end up being, how long does Beltre stay at third base?  Joey Gallo will probably be major league ready by Opening Day, 2017, and is currently at third base, but I'm not sure the team would ask Beltre to move to accommodate Gallo.  Whether Beltre moves or not, however, him signing an extension will likely trigger a domino effect that could see Shin-Soo Choo or Prince Fielder moved in the 2016-17, should the Rangers determine that Gallo, Nomar Mazara and Lewis Brinson are all ready to assume regular roles in the big leagues.

I've suggested before that a 2 year, $40 million deal would probably be somewhere in the ballpark of what it would take to extend Beltre, and personally, I'd be fine with that if it makes keeping Beltre around the rest of his career.