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Wednesday morning Rangers things

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Wednesday morning Rangers news and links

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Good morning, everyone...

Stop me if you've heard this before, but...Josh Hamilton's knee hurts.

T.R. Sullivan writes that the Rangers are going to be careful with Hamilton this spring, as he deals with the pain in his surgically repaired knee.

Derek Holland is hoping to put the last two injury-plagued seasons behind him and have a solid year.  Of note in this piece is the news that Holland had an injured finger when he pitched in the ALDS against Toronto, with T.R. Sullivan saying Holland probably shouldn't have even been pitching in that game because of the injury.

Sullivan writes about the possibility of the Rangers signing Adrian Beltre to a contract extension this spring.

Bobby Jones, long-time Rangers coach and minor league manager, will be retiring after the 2016 season.

And finally, Bob Nightengale of USA Today wants to introduce "a few radical rule changes" the young folks might like to "pique their interest" in baseball.  Stuff like starting the inning with a runner on base, or eliminating outs altogether, things like that.  The story even contains the phrase, "Considering how much kids love their gadgets"...

Which brings to mind...