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Matt Harrison not expected to pitch this season

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Per Phillies beat writer Matt Gelb, pitcher Matt Harrison is not expected to pitch this season

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Sad news from Phillies camp, as Phillies beat writer Matt Gelb tweets that lefthanded pitcher Matt Harrison is not expected to pitch this season, and will not be at spring training.

Harrison has missed most of the last three seasons due to back problems.  He had surgery in 2014 that was seen as career-threatening, but he worked his way back to the majors last season, making three starts for the Rangers in 2015.  He was sent to the Phillies in the trade that brought Cole Hamels to Texas, and was immediately put on the disabled list.

It appears that, at this point, Harrison's career is likely done.  It is very unfortunate...Harrison, part of the package the Rangers received in the Mark Teixeira trade, was terrific for the Rangers in 2011-12, putting up a combined 10.1 bWAR over that two year stretch with a 3.34 ERA in 399 innings pitched.  He's under contract through 2017, although at this point, it appears he'll be stashed on the 60 day disabled list the next two years while insurance pays out the bulk of his deal.

Very sad for a guy who worked his ass off to try to get back to the majors, when he could have just thrown in the towel and collected his guaranteed deal.