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Mitch Moreland played with stress fracture last year

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Mitch Moreland said today that he played the final two months of 2015 with a stress fracture in his left foot

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Mitch Moreland had a stress fracture in his left foot for the final two months of last season, according to the beat guys on Twitter.

There was a fair amount of discussion in September about why Mike Napoli was playing left field instead of Mitch Moreland, and the reports at the time were that Moreland's feet/ankles were such that he wasn't an option out there.  A stress fracture in his left foot would certainly be a reason why that wouldn't work.

Moreland put up a .269/.322/.435 line over the final two months of the season, with no stolen bases (or attempted steals) over that time.

Moreland is currently slated to be the Rangers' first baseman, although it remains to be seen whether he will be the everyday first baseman, or whether he will sit against lefthanded pitchers.  Justin Ruggiano was reportedly going to get work at first base this spring so he would be an option as a platoon partner for Moreland, though with Josh Hamilton's health already being an issue, Ruggiano's time may be spent in left field instead.

The beats say Moreland is healthy now, so the Rangers may just opt to roll with him every day at first base for the time being.