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Thursday Morning Links

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Because Josh Hamilton is about as reliable as a ripped diaphragm, the Rangers are expressing some interest in Alejandro de Aza.

Kevin Sherrington says that if the Rangers want to stick it to the Astros, they need to win now.  Although, honestly, I think experience has proven that the best way to stick it to a rival is to trade for one of their players, require them to pay most of their salary, and then keep them on your roster basically forever.

Derek Holland is willing to admit that he choked in the ALDS last year.

This morning in self-delusion: Josh Hamilton says he can play 120 games this year.

Mitch Moreland brought his lunchpail and gritted his way through the final two months of last season with a stress fracture.

The Rangers announced the Spring Training tv and radio schedule.

Chris Gimenez was saved from a gruesome Final Destination style death by the fact that his truck is lifted.

Evan Grant looks at 5 Spring Training position battles that are totally going to rock your socks.

Matt Harrison will not be reporting to Philadelphia's Spring Training facility.

Mitch Moreland is, truly, a non-threatening white guy who plays the game the right way.

T.R. Sullivan asks three questions to be answered this spring... including "are Jurickson Profar and Josh Hamilton going to star in a buddy comedy about DL hijinks?"

Delino Deshields is ready to prove himself once again.

And, finally, it appears that Neandertals bred with early humans, like, all the time.