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Texas Rangers adding protective netting at Globe Life Park

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The Texas Rangers are installing protective netting at Globe Life Park that will be six feet high and run to the end of each dugout

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers are adding protective netting down the first and third base lines at Globe Life Park.  It will be six feet high and go to the end of each dugout.  You can check out photos of it here.

After a spate of injuries to fans from foul balls the past couple of years, which have gotten even more attention because of things like MLBTV and Extra Innings (allowing fans to see more games) and social media (which results in clips of injuries being shared more widely), MLB indicated during the 2015 season that it would take steps to encourage more safety measures being put in place.

These measures have generally gotten a positive response from fans.  There have been some who have complained that fans should just pay attention and netting wouldn't be necessary, but that ignores the fact that there are protections for players in the dugout, who are paying attention to the game.  It also is a tad unrealistic about the fact that folks who are at the game are likely going to spend some time talking to their seatmates, checking the scoreboard, getting food or drinks from a vendor, or getting on their phone to tweet about the awesome play Adrian Beltre just made.

I suspect there will be some grousing about this from certain quarters, together with complaints about the "wussification of America," and then after a month, everyone will forget about it and move on.