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Friday Morning Links

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Friday morning Rangers news and links

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Grant says that Derek Holland is the single most important player in camp this year because the Rangers need two pitchers two throw 200 innings or they won't win the West.  Although, when you think about it, if Yu Darvish comes back and throws 120 and Holland inevitably gets hurt again after 85 you still got 200 innings of (probably) superlative pitching.

Hey, hey, an injury update!  Let's hope your injury update Bingo card for this spring has a lot of Josh Hamilton and Jurickson Profar squares!

The Spring Training locker room looks pretty.

T.R. Sullivan has an injury update.

AJ Griffin may be the most intriguing pitcher in camp, and says that he feels good and when you're feeling good the sky's the limit.  Which can't be factually true but maybe he's practicing for a post baseball motivational speaking career.

Because Adam is only interested in Ranger news that affects him personally, I wanted to make sure he was aware that the new safety nets at the ballpark come almost out to his normal seats.

Stefan Stevenson on the Spring Training facility renovations: #baller.

AJ Griffin says he decided to sign with the Rangers because they made him feel wanted.