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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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The latest news and notes on the AL West Champion Texas Rangers

Ian Walton/Getty Images

Good morning. Happy Groundhog Day.

As it is Groundhog Day, T.R. Sullivan writes about the trade that Jon Daniels wishes he could do over. I bet you can guess which one.

Lyle Spencer lists five pitchers (one on each team) who could most impact the AL West in 2016. No. 1 on his list is Yu Darvish who is expected to make his glorious return to a team that already won the division without him last season.

Phil Rogers offers his top ten best offseason moves and, surprisingly, the Rangers signing Justin Ruggiano is nowhere to be found.

At Fangraphs, Jeff Sullivan writes about the Pop-Up King of 2015. Despite what you might read if you follow AJM's Twitter mentions, this isn't about Ian Kinsler.

Finally, here's a chart from Jeff Todd of MLB Trade Rumors listing how much every team in baseball has spent this winter. There you can discover that not only have the Cubs spent more than the Yankees by nearly $300 million, the Yankees are dead last in spending this offseason.

Happy Groundhog Day.