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Saturday a.m. Rangers things

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Saturday morning Rangers news and links

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Good morning, a reward for everyone sticking around through the winter and being patient while waiting for baseball to return, you get a picture of Yu Darvish throwing on the first day of camp.

Jeff Wilson has five thoughts from the first day of spring training.

Evan Grant writes that the Rangers are monitoring the outfield market (due to Josh Hamilton's bad knee) as well as the free agent starting pitching market.

Wilson writes about the Rangers pitching staff, and counting down the days until Opening Day.

Third base coach Tony Beasley has been diagnosed with rectal cancer.

T.R. Sullivan has a story with quotes from Jon Daniels and Jeff Banister on Beasley.

Evan writes about Beasley's diagnosis, and credits Beasley with improvements to the team's running game and Elvis Andrus's defense last year.

The Rangers gave Jeff Banister a raise and a contract extension.

Jon Daniels praised Banister for his work when announcing the extension.

Grant has a story on the extension, along with a press release from the team.

Grant also writes about Banister and Beasley.

Colby Lewis took up cycling as a conditioning program this winter.  His bike cost $10,000, but he reported to camp 25 pounds lighter than he was last year.

The S-T has a printable map of the Rangers' spring training complex.

Sullivan has some notes on fans getting to win free season tickets by hitting a home run, Yu Darvish, and Cole Hamels.