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Josh Hamilton injury update: Texas Rangers outfielder getting second opinion on knee

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Josh Hamilton is in Alabama today getting a second opinion on his knee, per the beat guys

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Josh Hamilton injury update:  Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton is in Alabama today, getting a second opinion on his sore left knee, per the beat guys on Twitter.  He is meeting with Dr. Jeff Dugas, who is with Dr. James Andrews' group.

As a reminder, Hamilton landed on the disabled list with a knee problem last August, came back and finished the year, had surgery on the knee in October, had soreness again in the knee, had a cortisone shot in January which made his knee feel better, and now is feeling soreness again.

While I don't think anyone was expecting 150 games from Josh Hamilton this year, even the 110-120 games that Jon Daniels indicated they were hoping for from him is looking like it may be overly optimistic.  If Hamilton's knee problem sidelines him for the start of the year, the Rangers are probably going to have to scramble to try to find someone to share time with Justin Ruggiano in left field, with Shane Victorino, David Murphy and Will Venable all being options that are currently out there on the free agent market.

I suspect that, if Hamilton is really unable to play this year, that either Joey Gallo or Nomar Mazara will be a likely candidate for the job in the second half of the season, but with Gallo's struggles in the majors and AAA last year, and Mazara's youth (he's still only 20) and scant experience above AA, my guess is that the Rangers don't want to bring them up until they show they are ready to handle the job.