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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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The latest news and notes on the AL West Champion Texas Rangers

JD stares longingly at a vacant left field
JD stares longingly at a vacant left field
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

As we discovered yesterday, and as T.R. Sullivan writes, Josh Hamilton is getting a second opinion on his aching knee which will eventually lead to the return of David Murphy.

Evan Grant looks at the Rangers' options in left if/when Hamilton goes down for an extended amount of time.

Peter Ellwood writes about it looking like another season of shuffling the roster on the fly for the Rangers. At least they are well versed on this art.

Sullivan writes about Prince Fielder's arrival in camp with Fielder happy to be healthy and content with being the team's DH.

Ted Madden and Mike Leslie are out in Surprise with the Rangers and have a video blog on camp so far.

Stefan Stevenson notes that Yu Darvish jumped the "half mound" hurdle in his recovery yesterday as he threw 17 pitches.

Jeff Wilson looks at the starter depth and writes that the candidates for the fifth starter role aren't looking at themselves as seat-fillers.

Dave Cameron grades the offseason for every team and gives the Rangers a C for relative inactivity.

Bradley Woodrum has an extensive look at potential TJS victims with Derek Holland ranking high on the predictive model.

On the DMN crew Ballsy Podcast, Chris Gimenez tells the harrowing tale of how he was nearly decapitated by a road grate.

The Texas Rangers bracket for the WFAA Greatest DFW Athlete vote came down to Michael Young vs Pudge Rodriguez. Hard to argue with that.

Within Wilson's Surprise Five he bemoans Rangers ownership not ponying up and signing Justin Upton when they had the chance.

Finally, SB Nation stands for Sports Blog Nation, right? Well, here's SB Nation sarcastically hating on sports and the fans who enjoy them. I mean, I get it. Spring Training is about a day or two away from being a beating and we'll all be ready for the regular season before the first split squad game, but it annoys me when people go out of their way to make folks feel bad for enjoying something.

Have a great day.