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Texas Rangers rumors: Yovani Gallardo, Orioles hit snag with physical

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The deal between Yovani Gallardo and the Orioles is reportedly "on hold" due to an issue with his physical

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Texas Rangers rumors:  Yovani Gallardo and the Baltimore Orioles agreed to a 3 year, $35 million deal a few days back, but per Jeff Passan, the deal is "on hold" due to an issue that arose during Gallardo's physical.  The 30 year old Gallardo pitched for the Rangers last season and made 33 regular season starts, as well as starting Game 1 of the ALDS, and has averaged around 32 starts per season since 2009, which makes the news that he may have a physical problem surprising.

The Orioles have a history of backing out of deals due to issues arising in physicals, even with players who other teams end up giving a clean bill of health.  There's no word yet about what the specific issue is, nor whether this is just going to require some tweaks to the contract, or if it will scuttle the whole deal.

Since the Orioles have also agreed to a 3 year, $35M deal with free agent Dexter Fowler, they are forfeiting their first round draft choice -- which would have been #14 overall -- regardless (unless they end up killing the Fowler deal as well due to issues with the physical).  As a result, the Rangers' first round pick will be #19 overall in 2016.  However, the Rangers would get a supplemental first round pick (expected to be around #30 overall) when Gallardo signs, assuming he signs before the draft.

One would tend to believe that the Rangers will get that supplemental pick, one way or the other, but if the Orioles really uncovered something significant that is going to put Gallardo on the shelf for a significant period of time, it could mean he might not sign until June, which would mean the Rangers would miss out on that supplemental pick.

That seems unlikely, but until a deal is done, that compensatory pick isn't guaranteed...