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Wednesday Morning Links

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Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Guess who made Dan Szymborski's list of biggest albatross contracts?  And a single tear traced its way down Adam's cheek.

The circuitry that comprises Yu Darvish's central processing core is simulating an emotion akin to anticipation for the coming season.

Banister says that the 2016 World Series victory will be powered by high octane rage fuel.

Speaking of rage fuel, Elvis Andrus has the nerve to do something nice like send a girl he didn't even know back home to Venezuela when he's going to have negative surplus value as a player this year.  Don't be an awesome person and a bad baseball player, Elvis!

Josh Hamilton is reaffirming his value as a thorn in Arte Moreno's side by showing up to the Spring Training facility on crutches.

Gerry Fraley shakes his head sadly at the Angels' offseason.

Don't look now, but the Rangers have 2 other really terrible contract s.

Evan, does it really make sense to call Josh Hamilton's knee "unpredictable?"

Someone needs to make a movie about the High Desert Mavericks.

Jamey Wright has decided maybe he isn't done playing baseball.

Redemption stories are the new market inefficiency.

Not so fast, Yovani Gallardo!  You know you can't leave the Rangers and still pass a physical!

Entries are open for MLB's honorary bat girl contest for breast cancer awareness.

Third base coach Tony Beasley is starting chemotherapy to treat his rectal cancer.

Infielder Patrick Kivlehan changed sports to baseball only after four years as a special teams guy for Rutgers.  Baseball: less preferable than being part of the football weirdo squad.

Playing multiple positions will be key in determining who wins roster spots this spring.

Sullivan also writes about Matt Bush's redemption story.