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Josh Hamilton reportedly on crutches

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Josh Hamilton arrived at camp in Surprise this morning on crutches, per multiple reports

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Josh Hamilton, who was in Alabama earlier this week getting a second opinion on his sore knee, arrived at camp this morning in Surprise on crutches, per multiple reports from the beat guys on Twitter.

The Rangers indicated yesterday that they were not going to announce the results from the second opinion until they talked to Hamilton, and that that wouldn't happen until today.  Hamilton being on crutches would not seem to be the most promising of signs, however, in regards to him getting good news.

Hamilton, as you probably recall, missed much of last season with a variety of ailments, and had offseason knee surgery.  His knee still was sore after the surgery, however, resulting in him getting a cortisone shot in January.  That provided only temporary relief, and the team and Hamilton are now having to figure out how to manage his knee issue, and whether he will be physically able to provide significant playing time this year.