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Oakland acquires Chris Coghlan for pitcher Aaron Brooks

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The Oakland A's have acquired versatile Chris Coghlan from the Cubs for pitcher Aaron Brooks

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland A's have acquired Chris Coghlan from the Chicago Cubs in exchange for pitcher Aaron Brooks, according to multiple reports.

An interesting move by the A's, who also picked up outfielder Khris Davis from the Brewers a few weeks ago.  Coghlan is primarily a left fielder, but last year also started games in right field, at second base, and at third base.  He's due $4.8M in his final year of arbitration, and as a lefty hitter who can play left field and some other positions, this is the type of player you would think the Rangers might have had some interest in, although it may be the $4.8M is more than they can fit in their budget right now.

Coghlan, 30, put up a .250/.341/.443 slash line last year in 503 plate appearances, and has a career .268/.340/.411 slash line, and although he's not considered a particularly good defender in left field, you'd think he'd be an upgrade over the Rangers' current options.

Brooks is a 25 year old righthanded pitcher who Oakland acquired from Kansas City in the Ben Zobrist trade.  He put up a 6.67 ERA in 55.1 IP last season in the majors, and a 3.56 ERA in 118.2 IP in the minors.

Kind of an odd move for Oakland, a team that appears to be unlikely to contend in 2016.  The Cubs, meanwhile, get some starting pitching depth.