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Sunday morning Rangers things

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Sunday morning Rangers news and links

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Good morning, folks...

The Ian Desmond deal has certainly stolen the thunder from this mornings links post.  But we soldier on...

This is Cole Hamels' first spring with the Rangers, and he's providing an example for the younger pitchers to follow.

The Rangers signed Drew Stubbs yesterday to a minor league deal to compete with James Jones for the backup CF job.

Joey Gallo says the 2015 season was the toughest year of his life, due to his second half struggles.

Gil Lebreton writes about Jurickson Profar's ongoing efforts to get back to where he was pre-injury.

Evan Grant notes that the Rangers have to wait until the NFL Combine is over for Luke Jackson's back to get looked at because Dr. Drew Dossett, who will be examining him, is part of the Cowboys' medical staff and is in Indy for the Combine.

Evan also has a story on where 2016 payroll will end up that appears to be less accurate with the Desmond news.

Levi Weaver reviews the Rangers' weekend.

T.R. Sullivan offers up 10 sleepers to watch in Rangers camp.

The Rangers signed a bunch of pre-arb players to contracts yesterday.

Stefan Stevenson offers up his "Surprise Five" from camp yesterday.

Phil Klein is a fan of "Bull Durham" and "Remember the Titans."