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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The latest news and notes on the AL West Champion Texas Rangers

Photo Day.
Photo Day.

Good morning. Welcome to February 29, the April Fools of days.

Poor AJ Cassavell filed his "contenders who didn't do crap" piece before the Rangers made the weirdest move of the offseason. I've been there, pal.

The Texas Rangers woke up from their hibernation to make the Texas Rangeryist signing in recent memory. That is to say, it's really strange. That's right. The Rangers officially announced the signing of Drew Stubbs...what's that? Ian who? *record scratch*

Free agent shortstop Ian Desmond, who turned down $100 plus million from the Nationals, then turned down the $16 or so million qualifying offer, has signed with the Rangers to play left field for the first time in his life.

Texas will lose a first round draft pick for the privilege of trying to Zobrist Desmond for a year, as Stefan Stevenson notes.

Evan Grant tries to make sense of the signing and concludes that the move is an extension of the Mike Napoli left field experiment from last September.

Richard Justice writes that the Desmond signing is all about depth for the Rangers after a few seasons where the team's health has been just a tad bit better than Mr. Burns with Three Stooges syndrome.

Gil LeBreton has the Rangers pushing their chips to the middle of the table with this signing.

Sullivan writes about what impact out-of-position Desmond will have on the players, Josh Hamilton and Elvis Andrus in particular with the former being impacted greatly. But what of Pat Kivlehan?!

After the Desmond deal Jim Bowden bumped the Rangers' offseason grade to a B minus. That's a National League A+!

One last thing on Ian Desmond:

Stevenson goes all Tepid on us and writes about Connor Sadzeck and his 100+ MPH heat.

Finally, yesterday was Photo Day in camp...

P.S. Sausage making details: I'm posting the early so I can share it on Facebook so I can then power-nap through this dang migraine I'm experiencing. You get 15 extra minutes to argue about lineup construction!