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Poll: Who should be the Rangers closer?

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Shawn Tolleson finished the 2015 as the Rangers' closer. Who do you think should have that job in 2016?

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Its yet another day without much, if any, Rangers news out there to talk here's another poll for us...

As we all know, Shawn Tolleson ended the 2015 season as the Rangers' closer.  There's been talk that, while he did a solid job, he may not be the Ranger best suited for the job.

So, in the absence of much else to kick around while we wait for another NRI or two to sign and for pitchers and catchers to report, I will pose this question...

Who should be the Rangers' closer in 2016?  Cast your vote below...

(And while I'm sure plenty of people would say that there should be no set closer, we are assuming, for this exercise, someone has that job)