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Interview with Lewis Brinson at

New, comments has a Q&A with Rangers outfielder Lewis Brinson

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Over at, Alex Kraft has a Q&A up with Rangers' outfielder Lewis Brinson.  Its a really good, lengthy piece, and Brinson, who had a breakout year last year and is poised to claim a job in the Rangers' outfield at some point in the relatively near future, is a guy you should be reading more about.

Brinson, the Rangers' first round draft choice in 2012, has had issues with muscle pulls the past couple of years, which have slowed him down early in the season and landed him on the disabled list.  Hopefully, he can stay healthy and on the field in the early part of 2016 -- if he does, he has a chance to contribute at the major league level this year.