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Texas Rangers prospects: Jenkins, Taveras, Cruz to watch, per Badler

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Ben Badler says, among the Rangers lower-level guys, Eric Jenkins, Leodys Taveras, and Israel Cruz are worth keeping an eye on

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Texas Rangers prospects:  Eric Jenkins and Leodys Taveras are outfielders who were major acquisitions of the Rangers last summer -- Jenkins as a second round draft pick who got a well-above-slot $2 million bonus, and Taveras as the team's big J-2 signing -- and so it is no surprise that Ben Badler of Baseball America would identify them as two of the lower-level raw prospects in the Rangers system that fans should keep an eye on.

But the guy Badler identifies as a "deep sleeper" to watch -- Israel Cruz -- is someone I literally had never heard of before.  Checking out Cruz's B-R page, he's listed as a 6'1", 170 lb. righthanded pitcher who turns 19 in June.  He signed for $30,000 in 2014, and has spent his first two seasons as a pro in the Dominican Summer League, but Badler says he could "follow the mold" of Jonathan Hernandez, another smallish teenage righthander who has landed on prospect lists after making his stateside debut in the AZL this year.

Anyway, you can check out Cruz's numbers below...